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Pools Mykonos – Make Pool in Mykonos – Improvement Pool

Pools are a luxury, but a delight and a beauty also. Barring its functionality, it upgrades the quality of your home, your hotel or your building.

Especially for Mykonos it is a must. Our workshop is experienced in the construction and reconstruction of swimming pools.

We provide you with four basic pool construction options, depending on your preference and financial investment.    

Prefabricated Pool – Excellent Pools

The first option is the prefabricated pool. It is an easy and fast construction that significantly reduces the economic cost of building a swimming pool.  Less volume of reinforced concrete is used, making it more economical. Also for small surface pools, a small-scale urban planning permit may be issued, which is much cheaper than the construction permit for reinforced concrete. 

Skimmer Pool – Mykonos Pools

 The second option is the skimmer pool. Skimmer are water absorbers that are placed about 7 cm below the height of the pool surface. This achieves the avoidance of overflow and the operation of water recirculation. Skimmer pools are cheaper than those with overflow. 

This happens because we do not need to build a perimeter or side overflow channel around the pool. It also does not require an additional water space called ‘overflow tank’ and is necessary for the operation of the overflow pool. Due to the avoidance of all these constructions, we have 20% to 30% different in the final cost of our pool. Overall skimmer pool is ideal for small spaces.  

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Pools with perimeter overflow channel or with side waterfall channel

The third option is the pools with perimeter overflow channel or with side waterfall channel. This is really the best possible choice aesthetically. With the perimeter overflow, the pool looks bigger and more impressive.

Especially the construction of a lateral overflow cataract  is the most beautiful choice for swimming pools that are by the sea and have a clear horizon in sight. It creates the illusion that the water of the pool connects with the sea. The swimmer feels that he is traveling to the infinity of the horizon.  

 The fourth option we provide you is building a swimming with stainless steel.  Stainless steel pools are made of stainless steel and are the most impressive in the pool area. After excavation, the bottom is formed using reinforced concrete. Then the metal frame of the pool is assembled. At the same time, the installation of electromechanical equipment is performed.

With modern design and style, the product is designed for each pool installation personally, so that the shape and possible settings  (stairs, whirlpool, etc.) can be adapted to your needs.

Because the surface of the stainless steel wall has no pores, it is considered the most ideal surface to which algae, soil, germs do not attach. The bottom has small dots that stand out, to make it non-slip. 

Make a Pool of your Dreams Villa – Mykonos  Services

In addition to the construction of a swimming pool, we have the knowledge for the reconstruction, repair and renovation of an existing swimming pool. With the use of the latest technology of materials, we achieve a perfect result without having to destroy your existing pool.   We choose the right materials and apply them in the right way.

You can trust our transfer services to go to a pool party in Mykonos!

We also have rooms for rent in Mykonos for you, made by Athens Spiti Constructions!

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