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Insulations Mykonos

Insulations Mykonos – Mykonos Insulation – Thermal Insulation – Terrace Waterproofing 

Speaking of Mykonos insulation and insulations Mykonos, let’s emphasize that the most important part of energy efficiency and absolute tightness is the right insulation.

Insulations – Absolute tightness – Solution to Insulation problems

Are you looking for Mykonos insulation and building works Mykonos? Does the house have an issue and does it want a specialist immediately
Our workshop specializes in the use of the latest technology insulation materials to achieve the best result. 
We are here to solve your problems, just build it! 
We offer absolute tightness in swimming pools, tanks (water, oil, oil), basins,
terraces, indoor and outdoor gardens. We offer high thermal insulation on walls, floors, ceilings, openings, frames and roofs.

Thermal isolation: 

Apply external thermal insulation or internal if external is not possible.
The external thermal insulation (thermal facade) of the walls is the installation of thermal insulation on the outside of all the vertical external walls of the building and its protection with successive layers of specialized materials to provide great resistance to time!
Our construction company makes insulations Mykonos for weather conditions, mechanical stress, wind pressure. severe shocks and any other impact may affect its operation.

The internal thermal insulation of the walls is the installation of thermal insulation on the inside of all the vertical interior walls, beams, columns, as well as the roof of the building.


To seal your roof, pool or tank, we have specialized staff who know how to handle all possible techniques. 

Polyurethane insulation: 

Polyurethane is usually recommended for thermal insulation on sloping roofs e.g. sheet metal constructions, elenite etc. or in old constructions, due to its very low weight.
It is applied immediately by spraying and during its application it presents excellent adhesion with any building material. It offers in addition to high thermal insulation and sound insulation. Polyurethane can be applied to any surface, regardless of slope or curvature, and dries in a matter of seconds. 

Insulation with asphalt pans:

Insulation with asphalt pavements offers a combination of economical and reliable sealing which maintains its functionality for a very long time (25-30 years). 

Hyperdesmo insulation: 

Hyperdesmo is a non-abrasive, elastic polyurethane-based film, which provides the advantage of fast drying at high thickness. It provides high resistance to weather, chemicals, ultraviolet UVA – UVB radiation, as well as mechanical and thermal stress. Its chemical nature allows it to polymerize rapidly and form a sealing membrane with ideal adhesion to any type of surface.

Mykonos Insulations – Waterproofing with Absolute Success

We follow the energy study of the space and offer the highest possible levels of thermal insulation and waterproofing.

Insufficient insulation will have accumulated costs and cumulative negative consequences. Successful insulation work is something that can be found immediately and we guarantee the perfect result. We know from many years of experience of our workshop, to use the right materials and to apply them in the right way in Mykonos insulation.

We have services that will satisfy even the most demanding!

Our building company  Mykonos and Athens also does various construction work, oil painting and swimming pools!

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