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Construction Services in Mykonos

Our construction company “Siakoulis – Charistos – Mykonos Services” operates in Mykonos and provide building services and real estate trades.
Having a network of the top collaborators and very experienced workers, we provide the best services in building.
Grab the opportunity and let us build the home of your dreams!

Philosophy and Expertise of Mykonos Services – Renovations Services

In Mykonos Services we focus in two very important key factors of a great cooperation.
We want to deliver as soon as possible while we make sure we will provide services of the highest quality that only the most demanding customers ask for.

We are professionals and you can count on us

We know the subject of building and we do it in an excellent way. We know the way to do it while we have great capabilities and the appropriate equipment.

Company’s responsibility – Excellent cooperation

We are not satisfied with anything less that the perfect result. We are more demanding than the most demanding customer.
So, if you want someone who can fulfil your building desires, we are what you are looking for.
We are also the best in earthmoving services.
We always finish what we start and we do it perfect.

Ask us to get an offer, we love to transform rooms to let in Mykonos.

Our sectors of expertise:

Construction Services – Building Services
We can undertake any repair, small or big. Interior and exterior repair services. Our crew have a great experience and they know how to do small repairs. We can build, demolish, repair of cracks and every other repair that you can imagine. Top building services Mykonos.
Decorative Services Mykonos
Our crew undertakes the decoration of your space. We can paint in any surface. With expert technique and careful preparation, the outcome will be stunning. There is no chance to see any drop of paint somewhere it shouldn’t.
Insulation Mykonos
The most important thing for an energy efficient house as well as humidity proofing is the perfect insulation. Our crew consist of experts in using new technologies and materials to insulate. We provide the best insulation in pools and fluid containers as well as for roofs and internal or external gardens. We also provide great thermal insulation for walls, floors, doors and ceilings.
Pools Mykonos
Pools are luxury but they are joy and beauty too. Besides its operation, a pool constitutes an upgrade for your home or hotel. Especially for Mykonos Island its a must. We deliver any type of pool you want, with guaranteed result.
Renovations Mykonos
Renovating your house, building or hotel can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. With careful design it can be a great investment.
With a proper renovation you can literally transform an old place to a masterpiece of quality and beauty. Of course, after a renovation, your property’s value will increase dramatically.
Real Estate Mykonos
In our website you can fine the fullest catalog with every luxury home in Mykonos.
Our goal is to make the procedure of buying a house in Mykonos as simple as possible.
We have concentrated information to help you chose which property to chose.
Our Real Estate Catalog have a variety of properties, such as villas, hotels and houses with a pool! Also, you can find rock built houses, houses with a stunning view, luxurious villas and villas next to the seashore.
We also present you even more details such as amenities, prices, payment plans, leaflets, photos, and blueprints for every property you might be interested in.
When you are ready, just tell us and we can bring you in contact with a sales representative.

Mykonos Services – Guaranty in quality building services

In our website, you can see photos of our previous projects. Of course, many of our celebrity customers, do not want to share parts of their stunning villas and we respect that.

Contact Us – Do not loose time

If you like something and you are interested in cooperating with us in realising your idea, don’t loose time and contact us. Call us or send us via email or our live chat.
We also cooperate with transfer services and we suggest and vipmykonosparty

We wait for you, leave your best dream

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